I’m Back!!!

Hello Everyone,

It’s nice to be back in beautiful Vancouver. I forgot how stunning this city looks especially on a bright sunny day. I have been in town for a few weeks now, but the tax deadline and endless mail and paper work kept me busy. I was a little sad when I came back because it snowed the next weekend and that is not a good welcome coming from a sunny place like Puerto Vallarta.

What a great musical and personal experience I had in Mexico! I especially enjoyed my trip to Guadalajara. It is great centre of culture and historical architecture. I was there for Easter to escape the big crowd who flocked to the seaside towns during this holiday. We stayed with my friend Joanna’s beautiful restored house just blocks from the historic centre. We walked non stop and had a blast at Tlaquepaque and Tonala. I will make it a point to stay and visit Ajijic and Lake Chapala next time.

I have a new site, it is my blog spot. Thanks to the hard work of my talented daughter, Cecily, I can write all my (mis)adventures and all of you can be a part of it by subscribing. It is still under construction but feel free to check it out at http://armigranomusic.blogspot.com/ . I would appreciate any feedback or anything you want included.

I plan to write about my music news, my daily experiences, commentaries on various topics, my past experiences in little snapshots and lots of pictures. How cool is this…..

Back to my music, this is a little blurb of my upcoming gigs, so please check out the side bar.

Thank you for all your support, comments and encouragement. I feel that the most rewarding part of my singing is the people I meet. It seems like my family keeps getting bigger and bigger. Take care and enjoy life!


Armi Grano


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