Christmas in the Tropics

December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I will miss a lot of my friends in Vancouver but one thing is for sure, I will not miss the big snow storm over there. This is end of my third week in Bucerias and it has been a non stop schedule. The traffic is worse than usual and the malls and stores are full of shoppers. The Christmas decorations are in full display and people are looking forward to celebrate this festive event. I am surprised to see a lot of real pine tress being sold in the stores. They are actually cheaper than in Canada.

We were at San Pancho today visiting our friends Dave Guiney (great bass player) and his wife Hazel. It is a cute town which is about 20 minutes drive north of Bucerias. They showed us the town and where they were staying which boasts of a beautiful garden and pool and a great view of the mountain and the sea. Dave and I played in Vancouver and he jammed with us at Adriatico last Wednesday night.

Yesterday afternoon, we were playing at the Ritmos Café and Beach Bar and we really enjoyed it. It was a nice stage set up at the beach with great sound system and staff who are super attentive to the needs of the musicians (for a change).

We bought a turkey today for Christmas dinner and hope that our oven will work when it’s time to cook it. I don’t have a lot of kitchen utensils and gadgets so this will be a challenge this year. I don’t even have a turkey platter. I looked for a baster at the supermarket today, but no luck. Maybe I’ll go to Home Depot and look for a paint brush instead. It will do the job. If I can’t find brussel sprouts, I would buy some green beans instead. I shouldn’t have any problem with yams and carrots. I will definitely make some shrimp cocktail with avocado.

There is no midnight mass, instead they will hold the mass at 8 pm on Christmas Eve and 8 am on Christmas day. We are playing on Christmas Eve so it has to be the following morning. The Mexicans just like Europeans and Filipinos, celebrate Christmas on December 24. They have a big feast and party on Christmas Eve called “Noche Buena” or “Media Noche”. The main food is usually ham and Edam cheese. It’s quite interesting because on Christmas morning everyone is so tired or sleeping except for the children who are eager to open their presents and to visit relatives to collect more presents and money.

On New Year’s Eve, we are playing at the Café des Artistes in Punta Mita. There is a $30 cover and a special menu for that evening which would be a creation of the master chef/ owner Thierry Blouet and his staff of great chefs. It is a beautiful restaurant and lounge right on Anclote Beach in Punta Mita. If you have been to the Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta and you want to experience seafood at its best, come to the Punta Mita branch and you will not be disappointed.

Feliz Navidad!


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