Not a boring day…….

March 9, 2009

Hola Amigos y Amigas,

It’s John’s birthday today so I got him a cake for breakfast. He just realized that he is one year younger than what he thought he is. So he is extra happy. His cousin Lorena (the hairdresser) is coming in today from Melaque after a 5 hour bus ride. She promised me a really nice haircut and updo for one of my gigs. I can’t wait.

We had a very busy February and early March. Our friends Arlene (we got stuck in the elevator before, remember? ) and her husband Richard visited us. Their holiday went to a bad start because they missed their direct flight to Puerto Vallarta. So they spent the night on a plane going to Mexico City and finally to PV. It was a long day and night for both of them. But all of the stress and confusion disappeared when they arrived at Rancho Banderas on Distilladeras Beach.

The good thing about friends visiting is you get to show them around and I get reacquainted with places and discover new ones. You’ll remember Arlene from when we got stuck in an elevator. I used to work with her so we had a lot of things to talk about. Her biggest achievement this visit is learning how to boogie board. She was quite proficient after a few days.

I’ve met a lot of familiar faces while performing at Adriatico. They visited last year and came back again this year. Some snowbirds are getting ready to go back to their hometowns but hopefully the tourists are still scheduled to come this March and the Easter break in April. With the cold weather and a big dump of snow up north, you would think that people would just pack up and head to the sunny beaches of Mexico. Travel bargains and hotel discounts are everywhere because of the weak economy. I stopped watching television because of all the doom and gloom news. We have a starchoice satellite so we get all the American and Canadian channels. I believe that in due time, everything will find its equilibrium and the economy will start a big recovery. One thing with living in a small community like Bucerias, you are immune to all these news. Everyone is just busy getting their tan and walking on the beach. It’s business as usual. The prices in the grocery stores went up just because the Mexican peso is almost 15 to $1USD. It’s still cheap but I don’t know how the local people can afford to buy some of the groceries. All I know, is I’m going to be shocked with the prices when I do my grocery shopping back in Vancouver.

We are performing at Ritmos in PV on Saturday, March 15 at 7 to 10 pm. We are still performing at Adriatico on Tuesdays thru Fridays. See you at the gig.


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