Shop till you drop….

April 21, 2009

Dear Everyone,

We just got back from a weekend trip to Guadalajara, a much needed break for me and a little shopping on the side. We decided to use the highway towards Mascota which to our surprise, was a very nice and quiet road. It was windy and it took us about 2 hours to reach Mascota where we had lunch at a café called Napoles. The church in the square was beautiful and so is the town itself. After about an hour, we continued with our driving and headed east on the Highway 90/70 until we reached Ameca. It only took us 2 and half hours and I guess we were already in the outskirts of Guadalajara. The drive was quite pleasant and quiet except when we get to the towns, where they put tons of topes (speed bumps), it’s hard for the car if you don’t slow down. Since it is our first time to drive that way, I studied the map thoroughly and we got to our friend’s house in the Guadalajara Centro with no problem. I had to shop for a dining room set so that was first on our agenda for that day and I found it. Dinner was at the Sirloin Stockade which was quite good.

I woke up early the following day because we were going to Tonala. I was excited! It was a thirty minutes drive from the Centro. We found parking in the market and my eyes were already scoping the hundreds of stalls as we were looking for a parking space. It is a great market, a feast for the eyes. All the artisans display their work and are still working as fast as they can sell their wares. I found everything I wanted in the first hour of shopping. I made a mental note of everything I wanted to buy then we proceeded to walk and look at more stalls! Wow! And everything is cheap and you can bargain too.

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant beside Kentucky Fried Chicken, it was not good I should have gone to KFC. I was excited to go back to my shopping so the food didn’t really matter to me. I bought huge vases, mirrors, paintings, lamps etc….all for 200 dollars. I was in heaven. I was so happy so I cooked dinner that evening. It was pasta with chicken, yummy. Much better than eating out.

I woke up early again because we are heading back to Bucerias today. But before that, I had to make a trip to the shoe alley which is 3 blocks from my friend’s house. It is about ten blocks of shoe stores. I was getting frustrated at first because I couldn’t find anything that would fit me. In the background, John is impatient. Then voila, I found 2 pairs in one store and another pair in the next store. I was a happy shopper.

We took Highway 15 back to Bucerias. It was a nice toll road which came to about $270 pesos. It went as far as Compostela and then we drove the Highway 200 down the windy road to the coast. I actually liked the Mascota road better and it’s free.

Hasta Luego,

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