About Armi

Originally from the Philippines, Armi started singing at the age of 2 during family gatherings. She learned the songs by listening to radio stations broadcasted through US Airbases. She has always loved the great American standards and sang along with Frank, Sarah and Dean while she was growing up. Armi turned professional at the age of 16 singing popular cover tunes as a means to support herself through university.

Immigrated to Canada in 1987, she decided to put a hold on singing until 1995 after she watched Kenny Colman, a jazz/saloon crooner performed with the Miles Black trio at the old Chardonnay’s Restaurant in Vancouver, BC • She decided that she would learn this exciting type of music by attending jazz workshops and watching and listening to various jazz performers. She eventually landed a gig at Casbah Jazzbah Bar belting jazz standards arranged by Miles Black himself • In 1999, Armi released her debut album “Satin Dreams” produced by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, which was well received and became one of the top independent albums in Vancouver. While she was busy promoting the album and performing at various shows, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2000. Her singing career was once again put on hold so she could receive cancer treatments. Towards the end of 2001, she released her second album “Latin Color” which sparked her comeback and a hope that she will stay for good. Two more albums came after which were “Feelin’ Fine” and the Christmas album “Holiday Party”.